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Koru Consulting launch KlimateKonnect™

Helping everyone with Climate Change

. Koru Consulting Limited is pleased to announce the launch of KlimateKonnect™ their climate change innovation, networking and collaboration service. It matters not if you work in a company, a governmental body, a CIC, social enterprise or NGO, a local community or just an individual who doesn’t work at all. KlimateKonnect™ will help you on your personal, community or work place journey to net zero. KlimateKonnect™ was developed to address these specific challenges.

  • The lack of a single source of practical climate change information and subsequent lost time looking for it.
  • Prevent wasting limited investments through networking and a simple “ask a question” process
  • Champion collaboration, innovation and technology as key enablers
  • Support ambitious pioneering organisations and accelerate the early achievement of net zero, and
  • To accelerate the achievement of Net Zero overall.

is an engagement platform supported by CitizenLab, the leading digital engagement supplier. While Koru Consulting has, and will continue to curate content, the user value will be greatly enhanced by user contributions. It is great to publicise your successes. However, it is equally important, no matter how difficult to share failure. If not, others will potentially make the same mistakes. The service provides users the ability for users to:

  • Ask a question of other users of the service who may have had a similar challenge
  • Answer questions through the comment facility
  • Search the entire database to find pertinent information
  • Search just relevant sections of the service
  • Add content of successes, and while no one readily wants to share their failures a lot of time effort and money can be saved by providing information about what they have done

The service also supports the publication of news items. Adverting is banned, there are no pop ups on unrelated matters just useful, practical and insightful information. What is more, it is absolutely FREE to use. It is funded through support from Koru’s partners and there is a section on the site saying how you can support them. Please get involved, no one has anything to lose and plenty to gain. Spread the word to your suppliers, customers, colleagues family and friends and provide any feedback you may have to steve.rowe@koruservices.com or phil.partington@koruservices.com Koru is accompany that specialises in digital public engagement with much focus on Climate. You can find out more about what they do at https://koruservices.com/what/

Click here to visit the KlimateKonnect™ website.

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