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Launch of the 2010 Mayday Network Annual Report

SWM partner the May Day network have produced their first annual report.  After 3 years the national network now has around 3,000 members of which over 17% report annually on progress on carbon reduction. Over 158 members are within the West Midlands, and SWM has been helping the network in the region by signposting to the range of help available. A survey of the network members also revealed:

  • 62% of businesses were not influenced by climate skepticism in the media. For businesses in the Mayday Network the debate is over – climate change is happening and the time for action is now.
  • 76% of businesses agreed that climate change is as much a business opportunity as a threat. This is no longer just about turning the computers off at night and increasing recycling rates; the low carbon economy is rapidly being built and the most innovative companies are staking out their share of the market early on.

  For more info go to the Mayday Network website.


Contact enquiries@swm.org.uk to access this report

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