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LGA Sustainability in All Policies Innovation Lab Stakeholder Mapping

Across the UK, councils are working hard to reach net zero. Climate change is already affecting communities, with social, environmental and economic impacts across regions and service areas. The Local Government Association (LGA) Sustainability in All Policies Innovation Lab aims to bring key stakeholders from all councils together to understand and overcome the barriers to embedding sustainability in all council policies. The lab aims to co-create route maps based on key themes that cross-cut council services to support councils in their work to address the climate and biodiversity crises through systems-based approaches across councils.

The Lab will comprise 6 workshops, all held online. All participants will need to attend the launch event on 15th September. Workshops will run on the following dates; whilst you may not need to attend every workshop we encourage participants to attend as many as possible to ensure the best results:
  • Monday 26th September AM
  • Tuesday 4th October PM
  • Wednesday 19th October AM
  • Tuesday 8th November PM
  • Tuesday 22nd November PM

If you would like to be part of the Innovation Lab, please complete the form by following the link below. It will take around 3 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about the lab, please contact climate@local.gov.uk or zcb@cat.org.uk

Please click here to complete the form.

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