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LINKEDME – Innovations in Construction Material Reuse

LINK consortium have successfully developed the first phase of ground breaking technology.

The LINK Consortium, led by Nazir Associates, brings together experts in circular economy and reuse consulting, latest artificial intelligence and object recognition technology to provide rapid identification and classification of products during pre-demolition or pre-fitout audits.

This increases the potential for products to be reused and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

In a remarkable feat of technological advancement, the LINK consortium have achieved significant progress, in a relatively short time frame, successfully developing the first phase of ground breaking technology.

This innovation involves the seamless integration of four essential components:

  • Object Recognition (OR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big data
  • Cutting-edge speech-to-text system

The consortium has also created an application programming interface (API) to connect these components to a material exchange portal, marking a significant milestone in the realm of advanced technology.

Dr Mohammad Nazir, the Head of the consortium responsible for spearheading this transformative technology, acknowledges the challenges faced during the development process

He said, “One of the primary challenges was the integration of object recognition technology but the challenge is more that the tool will enable acceleration of pre-demolition/pre-fitout audits and better, more consistent reporting of the information”.

Be the first to use LINKEDME Innovation! If you are a construction company, you could register to be the first to use LINK pioneering technology.

To apply contact: hello@linkedme.co.uk

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