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LOCOP and BEEP update

Low Carbon Opportunities ProgrammeThe second phase of the LOCOP is now underway operationally. On the Innovation side Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd, have recently been appointed to help support businesses to commercialise their innovative ideas, products and services.  Businesses who have a product or service

, that when on the market will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, can apply for the support which provides a free 12 hour technical and business support package. Grants of up to £50,000 are also available and can be used for prototypes, materials, market testing, marketing, research, commercialisation costs etc.  For businesses looking to install renewable energy systems, we have just appointed Briar Associates to deliver the free advice and support. We have worked with Briar Associates before on BEEP and they bring a significant amount of energy and engineering expertise, which will provide businesses in Worcestershire with a free independent 12 hour assist to assess the suitability for renewable technologies such as solar panels, air/ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers etc. Grants of up to £100,000 are available through the LOCOP programme to install recommended renewable technologies. Business Energy Efficiency Programme The first and second phases of BEEP have supported close to 500 businesses, providing free energy efficiency reviews and grants of up to £20,000 to businesses in Worcestershire and the Marches.There is still a strong desire for funding towards LED lighting, heating, compressors and new processes and equipment can also make significant energy savings. Over the last year we have seen a growing number of businesses not only wanting to make financial savings, but also motivated to reduce the impact on the environment. Pro Enviro Ltd, Severn Wye Energy Agency and Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce are delivering the advice.  In the current climate, Pro Enviro have been trialling remote energy assessments with some success.

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