Long term work on sustainability begins to pay off for New Street Station

Sustainability West Midlands have been involved right at the beginning of the New Street Station redevelopment:

  • At proposal stage we helped the then regional development agency and partners to develop the key sustainability criteria for the development that could be then set out and monitored within the funding agreement.
  • At early project stages we kept the pressure on by reviewing key regional investment sites and projects, such as New Street Station, to check they had a clear project lead responsible for sustainability and were accessing a range of support from our partners such as the Carbon Trust, WRAP and NISP.
  • During the later construction stages New Street Station has been able to benefit from linking up from the work we have done with SWM member Cofley and other partners on promoting the growth of local district heating schemes within the region.

We are delighted that this early work has paid off as Network Rail and partners are beginning to demonstrate their progress as the construction reaches its final stages.

See this recent  update on progress in Environment Industry

Simon Slater, Chief Executive, Sustainability West Midlands commented

“We are delighted that our early stage work with funders and partners on the sustainability of New Street Station has paid off. This solid foundation has helped Network Rail to redevelop a site fit for a sustainable future, and greener Birmingham. The challenge for us now is to learn from this process, and provide similar early stage support for a range of other investment sites across the West Midlands seeking new Government or European funding”