Low carbon business opportunities – help from EBRI

Virtual consultation for SMEs

In this changing new world, we all find ourselves in, EBRI is ever more determined to help companies survive, evolve and flourish on the path to net zero. If you have a new, low carbon business idea which you are looking to explore and develop, they would love to hear from you.

The EBRI team are available to give you support and guidance on how to develop new, sustainable, low carbon products and services from a whole range of different waste materials, including manufacturing, agricultural, packaging, food and brewery waste.

How they can help

  • Produce new high-value materials from waste which can be commercialised
  • Create new value-from-waste products by turning them into energy
  • Generate new value from better management of energy use and generation, using advanced control systems to optimise heating, cooling and electricity
  • Develop new opportunities in emerging and disruptive marketplaces
  • Connect to other companies in the energy and bioproducts supply chains

They can hold a consultation with you by phone or through the internet. After the surgery session, they will then provide you with a bespoke summary of our recommendations, research findings, and other useful information to help your company.

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