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LS. Branding: Sustainability. What it means to us.

LS. Branding, a member of SWM, have shared an article on what sustainability means to their business. Whilst labelling products as  “eco”, “green” or “sustainable”  is a good marketing tool, it can be confusing and sometimes misleading as there are no standard definitions to help brands know what each of these labels mean. Similarly, despite a product being made from a material such as plastic, it is not necessarily unsustainable, in the same way that a product made from a material such as bamboo might not be sustainable. LS. Branding go on to say: “In our view it is having careful consideration of the product lifecycle, supply chain and what the item is being used for that is important” Therefore, LS. Branding like brands that go above and beyond to deliver products with carefully thought out supply chains, being made ethically from beginning to end. They are choosing to custom brand one of their featured products: the “Ocean bottle”. Here are a few reasons why: • Employee Gifting, encouraging every employee to thing of environmental activism daily. • Add impact to a retail launch, making it plastic negative. • Use of Plastic Collection Certificates in Annual Report. • Promotion – Custom Ocean Bottles were sent to their top influencers to have positive brand association during their Earth Day campaign. • Custom branded products on website sold out in 3 days. Read the full article here

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