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Making the Switch to Cleaner, Greener Homes

In this new, five-part event series, Nesta will bring together experts, leaders and practitioners from the energy sector and beyond to explore a host of issues around the decarbonisation of homes. These events are for anyone who has a role to play in the transition to net zero, and is interested in diversifying their knowledge, sharing experiences, and being part of an inclusive approach to the challenges of decarbonisation. Events in this series include: Going Green: How do we win public support for the transition? Tuesday 26 October 13:00

Registration: https://bit.ly/3AbIDkW Getting Over Gas: Taking the hassle out of the switch to low carbon heating Thursday 18 November 13:00

Registration: https://bit.ly/3lxrtdq Decarbonisation Déjà Vu: What can recent consumer behaviour change tell us about decarbonising homes? 14 December 13:00

Registration: https://bit.ly/3FBtBJ7 Stories From the Frontline: Let’s hear from our green home pioneers 18 January 13:00

Registration: https://bit.ly/3iQOKp6 Devolve to Evolve: What role should local communities play in decarbonising homes? 15 February 13:00

Registration: https://bit.ly/3oVcpbQ

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