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Manufacturing: Why Power Resilience is Key

Powerstar have published their latest White Paper on “Manufacturing and Power resilience”. It discusses how new technologies and solutions present a wave of opportunities for manufacturers.

Operational improvements, new technologies and processes all present a wave of opportunities for manufacturers.

Manufacturing represents one of the most energy intensive sectors and this greater reliance on technology can make sites more vulnerable to power disruption.

The huge benefits offered by new digital processes can only be properly secured when a site is protected by a comprehensive, site-wide resilience strategy.

A holistic energy management and site-wide resilience strategy not only protects your site, but improving your energy management and energy efficiency will reduce your energy consumption and associated costs. It will also deliver carbon reduction, supporting businesses achieve their net zero ambitions.

What will the White Paper address?:

  • Maximising energy efficiency
  • Lowering manufacturing process costs to remain competitive
  • Operational efficiency
  • Site-wide power resilience, minimising machine downtime
  • Sustainability: de-risking your journey to reduced carbon emissions

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