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Marches network for Charging Electric Vehicles: Consultation Launch

Green Shropshire Xchange (GSX) supports the launch, for public consultation, of the draft strategy and action plan to deliver an electric vehicle charging network across Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin. The draft strategy and accompanying documents can be found here. The initiative responds to the reality that existing electric vehicle charging points in the Marches area are both low in numbers and limited in geographical coverage. The strategy and action plan is intended to develop a cohesive, widespread, and reliable infrastructure.  Voluntary effort has created the draft and will subsequently identify potential charging point hosts and begin the development process. It is often assumed that most electric vehicle users will charge up at home, but around 43% of existing car owners do not have access to off street parking. The proposed network should extend to locations where there is a high density of vehicles including workplaces, business and retail parks, public car parks (including Park & Ride), hotels and leisure facilities.  The initiative is especially important to the local tourism sector to ensure visitors with electric vehicles have access to the facilities they need while visiting the Marches area. Robert Saunders, leading the work on behalf of Green Shropshire Xchange, said; ‘This is a bold venture in the absence of any other strategic initiative.  We are looking to develop partnerships with the private, voluntary and public sectors, the visitor economy and wider public.  We are looking for comments on the draft strategy and action plan to allow us to improve it further.  Working together, we can help bring forward the future of electric vehicles to the Marches.’ The deadline for responses is 5.00pm, Monday 17 September 2018

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