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Michael Pinsky’s Pollution Pods come to Birmingham in September 2023

Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) in partnership with Edgbaston Stadium present an immersive installation by artist Michael Pinsky that explores the impact of pollution on our environment and health.

Pollution Pods consists of five interconnected domes that imitate polluted environments in cities around the world. Each pod contains a carefully mixed recipe to emulate each international city’s varying levels of atmospheric conditions and smells, providing a unique experience of pollution on our environment and health.

Starting from a coastal location in Norway, visitors will pass through increasingly polluted cells, from dry and cold locations to hot and humid, including London, New Delhi, San Paolo and Beijing. 

The installation is created by award-winning British artist Michael Pinsky, whose international projects challenge the status quo on climate change, urban design and societal wellbeing. He explores issues which shape and influence the use of our public realm to create ambitious and provocative installations in galleries and public spaces.

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