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Midcounties Co-Operative: Tackling Single-Use Plastics

The Midcounties Co-operative have introduced their “One Change” campaign, and produced a report on their waste production as both a company and individual customers, looking at how things can be improved. The key parts to note are:

  • 94% of their members agreed that reducing plastic use is a top priority
  • High number of shoppers throw away recyclables because it’s easier than recycling
  • 75% of adults surveyed were worried about the state of the planet they were leaving for the next generation
  • Midcounties are looking for any way they can reduce their plastic consumption and production of waste (reducing waste by 22% by 2022)
  • They also recognise their role in behavioural change of customers
  • There are numerous benefits to cutting down waste, and it can actually save businesses a lot of money
  • Midcounties want their operations to line up with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • One key aim is to remove single-use carrier bags and plastic bags from fruit and veg

For more information and to view their report, click here.

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