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Midlands Energy Hub Spring Newsletter

Energy News – Spring 2020

“Welcome to the spring edition of the Midlands Energy Hub newsletter. It has been an incredibly challenging time for all recently. What has been reassuring is the way people have come together to support each other and how we have seen fantastic examples of collaboration across different sectors to resolve difficult and urgent issues. For those working on the decarbonisation agenda, the coming months are going to be challenging and interesting. It is clear that when individuals and organisations change their behaviour for an urgent need there can be a positive environmental impact. However, there are many questions around what impact this will have on the decarbonisation agenda in the longer term. For example, 23% of global carbon emissions results from transport; these emissions have dropped as people stay home and unnecessary travel has reduced significantly. Driving is a key contributor to emissions from transport. As lock-down measures relax, will we see a decrease in road traffic as more people opt to work from home, or will we see an increase because people are reluctant to use public transport?”

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