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Midlands Engine launch: Ten Point Plan for Green Growth

Midlands Engine have today released their new Ten Point Plan for Green Growth, which sets out, with a unified voice, the actions to be taken in partnership which will accelerate our region’s and the UK’s path to net zero. Exceptional work in low carbon is already underway across our vast Midlands Engine Partnership landscape, making the Midlands a leading location for Green Growth. But the potential for more is phenomenal. This Plan gives us the focus to complement existing partner initiatives, capitalising on the wealth of economic opportunities presented by the shift to low carbon and enabling nature’s recovery. It is how we can drive collective action today to safeguard the environment for future generations. SWM CEO Anna Bright has said of the new plan: “Sustainability West Midlands is committed to supporting the Midlands Engine Partnership in the delivery of this Ten Point Plan and facilitating collaboration between cross-sector stakeholders in the low carbon sector. Our network of stakeholders is extensive and regional knowledge comprehensive – we look forward to being a part of the implementation of the actions in the Plan.” Read the plan here

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