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Midlands Forest Network: Mapping Existing and Pipeline Initiatives

The Midlands Forest Network is developing a growing web of connected woodlands habitats for nature, people and business. To do this, they need to know about the woodland/tree initiatives already happening, or up and coming, across the Midlands.

The Midlands Forest Network (MFN) is led by a partnership between the Woodland Trust, National Forest Company and Midlands Engine.

The MFN are excited to share that their Lead Evidence Officer, Dave Seaman, will be leading on all things spatial including their Systematic Conservation Planning (SCP).

This is a strategic approach used to design and prioritise conservation efforts based on evidence. The process involves identifying areas with high ecological and biodiversity value, as well as considering threats and human impacts and needs.

The process is collaborative and engages stakeholders and landowners in designing effective conservation strategies. Through workshops, consultations, and participatory mapping exercises, stakeholders and landowners contribute and aid in identifying key conservation areas and ecological priorities, whilst considering economic and social factors.

These priorities are then applied across the landscape through spatial analysis, to maximize the effectiveness of conservation actions while minimizing costs.

Priorities and targets, such as protected areas or areas for habitat restoration, are mapped to make informed decisions for the sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. By bringing together different perspectives and local knowledge, this approach ensures that conservation efforts align with community needs and values.

How you can help

As a key stakeholder it would be appreciated if you could please add any relevant current and future pipeline projects on behalf of your organisation to the map on this form, so The MFN can better capture all assets in the network.

This will inform their developing mapping work, helping to grow the network of woodland habitats across the region together. They can then support connections, collaboration and funding.

Please feel free to share this link with other organisations who may be interested so we can grow the network together.

Please note in signing up, you are consenting to your contact details being shared with the Midlands Forest Network project partners including the Woodland Trust, National Forest Company and Midlands Engine.

Submit your project to the Midlands Forest Network map to be involved in this regional network.
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