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Net Zero Development toolkits

Two useful net zero tools that have been recently developed to support Local Authorities achieving net zero housing:Net Zero Carbon Toolkit

– a collaborative project developed by the Forest of Dean, Cotswold and West Oxfordshire District Councils. The Net-Zero Toolkit is designed to assist in the planning, design and construction of a new build or retrofit housing project. It provides a technical, go-to guide on what to consider in the very early stages of design; how to achieve fabric energy efficiency; what systems to include; where to go for expert advice; and what to consider once you have finished your housing project and you are handing over to occupants. Planning and Zero Carbon Development: Challenges and Solutions – a hub guide developed by the Greater South East Energy Hub. This guide sets out some of the problems that local planning authorities face. It aims to bring forward some solutions to drive up development standards in the absence of zero-carbon planning policies. The guide does not aim to address policy development, although there are issues and solutions included that overlap.

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