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Net Zero Healthcare: Embracing Sustainability for Business Growth

SWM members Medilink Midlands kindly invited our Project Officer, Morgan, to be a panellist at their webinar Net Zero Healthcare: Embracing Sustainability for Business Growth.

This event was packed full of really brilliant, specific information on:

1. What net zero and sustainability means for health and med-tech businesses and why they should care.

2. The regulations, requirements and culture shifts these businesses have to consider to continue providing their services to the NHS or enter this market.

3. The vast range of support out there to help you on this journey!

Other speakers were:

Morgan’s presentation gave a whistle-stop tour on the wider support available for creating a sustainable and climate resilient business, with a focus on opportunities relevant to organisations providing products, services, and developing innovations for the healthcare sector. If you are an organisation in this sector and want to know how SWM (and the initiatives we are involved in) can help, have a look through the slides, and if you would like to know more then get in touch.

More details on the other speakers can be found on the Medilink Website.

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Download the slide pack here

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