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New Green Business Podcast Episode: Birmingham Based Business

The DNZ team have published a new podcast episode exploring the sustainability journey of Central Mailing Services, a successful Birmingham-based business.
Episode 16: Birmingham’s Sustainability Trailblazers: Central Mailing Services

In this episode, hear host Jonathan Howl, Energy Advisor at Coventry City Council, speak to Robin Carruthers, Operation Manager at Central Mailing Services, a business based in Birmingham.

Robin Carruthers shares their sustainability journey, which aims to become carbon neutral by 2028. He highlights some of the projects and initiatives they have undertaken or planned, such as solar panels, electric vehicles, waste segregation, ISO standards, staff engagement and local partnerships.

Learn how they’ve successfully reduced waste and energy usage, paving the way for an eco-friendly future.

The podcast also discusses the support offered by the DNZ Programme and how businesses can access it.

Tune in now for practical tips and inspiration to start your own green initiatives!

Central Mailing Services Podcast Cover

Listen to the Green Business Podcast

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