New R&D funding boost for premium electric and hybrid cars

A consortium led by Jaguar Land Rover has received funding today to develop latest low carbon technology for the range extended electric vehicle (REEV) premium car market.

Jaguar Land Rover is working with Lotus and Nissan and a number of other automotive manufacturers on REEVolution, a project that is working on technologies to improve the performance of premium electric and hybrid cars. Today, the project received £9.5 million from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to create three REEV demonstrator vehicles.

A REEV runs off an electric motor, the batteries for which are recharged by a small onboard generator – powered by petrol, diesel, ethanol or even hydrogen fuel cell – to ‘extend the range’ of the electric vehicle (EV).

The demonstrator vehicles being developed under REEVolution will deliver sub 50g/km tailpipe CO2 emissions, typically delivering a 70-75 per cent saving over a similar vehicle with a conventional powertrain.

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