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New UK Climate Change Risk Assessment published today

The UK Committee on Climate Change (UKCCC) has today published its latest assessment outlining what the likely risks are to the UK as a result of climate change. The Climate Change Act requires the Government to compile every five years its assessment of the risks and opportunities arising for the UK from climate change. The first UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) was presented to Parliament by the Government in January 2012. The Government commissioned the Adaptation Sub-Committee, the adaptation arm of the UKCCC, to produce an Evidence Report to inform the second Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA2) due in January 2017; this Evidence Report has been published today. It outlines the six risks that are deemed as the most immediate to address in the UK; these include:  risks of flooding and coastal change; the impact of high temperatures on health and wellbeing; risks to natural capital; risks of future water shortages; impacts on the global food system; and risks arising from new and emerging pests and diseases. The report includes an overview of the key climate risks, the uncertainty and likelihood associated with these, opportunities and next steps. You can find out more information and download the report here.

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