Ocean Outdoor is launching an advertising fund for SMEs

This is aimed at supporting local businesses affected by Coronavirus

A fund with a media value of £10 million has been created, giving businesses and brands access to advertising space across Ocean screens in 12 UK cities. To help those local SMEs that have been badly affected by COVID-19.  They may have had to close their bricks and mortar shops and now need help directing traffic online.  Or, maybe they now operate a ‘dark’ store and do local deliveries instead.  The aim is to help support and stimulate businesses, jobs and the local economies in the cities where Ocean operates.  Those cities include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Bristol and Southampton.

Apply via the weblink www.oceanoutdoor.com/SMEFund  – Ocean Outdoor will then collate all the applicants and qualifying applicants will have their artwork displayed in the city they operate in during Q2, based on availability.   

Only real caveat is that you need to supply your own artwork but if you have any questions ask. 

The scheme has only just launched and already Ocean Outdoors have been inundated with requests and further offers of support from the Advertising Agencies and Specialists.