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Pioneering electric vehicle study shows up to 95% of consumers happy to use ‘smart charging’

A three-year study into how drivers might use electric vehicles and the resulting impact on the energy system has found that up to 95% of people would be happy to use ‘smart charging’ – if it cut their energy bills.

The study also found consumers were also willing to pay more for an electric vehicle (EV) – as long the payback from cheaper running costs was less than five years. Two sets of trials – a vehicle uptake trial and a charging behaviour trial – were commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute and delivered by TRL. The Consumers, Vehicles and Energy Integration (CVEI) study gathered in-depth data from vehicles and charge points for 584,000 miles of journeys and 15,700 charge events, covering both home and public locations, while consumer surveys were undertaken to understand attitudes, perceptions and choices. More information here.

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