Progress on the West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy

The West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy aims to boost the West Midlands by showcasing what the region has to offer and its potential to host investment opportunities in the future as well as how it will contribute to UK productivity. This is currently a work in progress and is open for consultation until the 08 November 2018.

The government is working with the West Midlands to develop the Local Industrial Strategy by March 2019. They have recently published a progress statement which marks the mid-point stage on developing the strategy, and sets out:

  • the approach
  • emerging areas of focus
  • next steps

View the progress statement here.

The Policy Prospectus sets out the objectives, policy rationale and approach to developing Local Industrial Strategies in partnership with places and is available here.

You can also come along to our Annual Conference on 03 December in Birmingham to find out more about the Local Industrial Strategies being produced across the West Midlands, and shape their future delivery.