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RASE launches farm of the future: Journey to Net Zero report

The Royal Agricultural Society of England’s report Farm of the Future: Journey to Net Zero was launched at the Low Carbon Agricultural Show. The report follows a COP26 policy brief which was published by the organisation in October 2021. The Farm of the Future report’s strong emphasis on the responsibility of rural decarbonisation lying in the hands of farmers outlines how interlinked factors will determine the rate of progress – such as accurate economic valuation of natural capital, technology and investment, plus knowledge exchange and, crucially, a modernising overhaul of rural digital connectivity. The Farm of the Future report was commissioned by RASE to pull together the latest science and its on-farm application, show what farmers can realistically achieve, and to identify practical steps they can take to decarbonise the farming industry. Farmers and land managers have a key role to play in developing a more circular, resource-efficient rural economy. Many farmers need help, advice, and support if they are to embrace transformational change, adopt new ideas and technologies, while make fundamental adjustments to the way that they farm.

The Farm of the Future Report along with other specialist papers outlining ‘enterprise journeys’ can be found here.

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