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Receive support from the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) supports small and medium-sized manufacturers to become more competitive by harnessing the power of data.

The SMDH is a project funded through Innovate UK to support small and medium-sized manufacturers to become more competitive by harnessing the power of data.

Digital solutions, expert guidance and funding are available to companies through the hub, allowing them to explore and evaluate their processes, make operational savings, de-risk investments and become more digital savvy.

What the SMDH offers

The SMDH offers the following services to all UK manufacturers:

Low Cost Solutions

They have a directory of low-cost data solutions that can be deployed across a range of manufacturing sectors to help you start your data journey.

Virtual Hub

They offer secure data transfer, storage, analysis and dashboarding thorough their virtual hub. You always remain in control of your data without vendor lock-in.

Professional Development

Access training on digitalisation, learning resources and like-minded communities to enhance your workforce skills.


Companies who work with the SMDH, are eligible to apply for grant funding for up to £50,000, on a match fund basis, to allow for further development of digital technology in their factory.

Free Support

Some of this support provided is free to eligible manufacturers:

Free Energy Insights

Unlock the power of Energy Insights and transform data into action for a net zero future.

3D Factory Simulation

SMDH is offering a limited number of projects which include 2-weeks of free support to digitally design and validate your manufacturing concepts and production facilities with 3D factory simulation software.

IoT Sensor Solutions to Monitor your Factory

This includes:

  • Power Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Air Quality Moniorting
  • Downtime Capture
  • Job Tracking
  • SMDH MultiSense

Requirements to get your free solution:

  • Signed agreement to allow SMDH to receive your data
  • Wifi available as your data will be streamed to SMDH to allow you to access your dashboard
  • 240v power socket
  • Device current measurements for a power monitoring solution

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact info@smdh.uk.


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