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Report: Demand Side Response: What consumers want from DSR?

Energy Systems Catapult has released a report that suggests that energy systems must become smarter to realise the UK’s ambition of a Net Zero carbon economy. As consumer take-up of smart technology rises and intermittent renewable energy becomes more prevalent, the need for more flexibility in the energy system is crucial for a cost-effective low carbon transition. As a result, Energy Systems Catapult is working with Evergreen Smart Power, myenergi, Tonik Energy and Swansea University to understand the potential of this technology.

EV Charging Solutions

The FRED trial (Flexibly-Responsive Energy Delivery), is testing a Demand Side Response (DSR) software platform developed by Evergreen Smart Power that integrates and manages energy technologies in real-time, reacting to grid conditions to increase or reduce their electricity consumption. Insights into how consumers use and charge their Electric Vehicles (EVs) is needed to design a DSR service that people will buy into. This research fills that gap in two parts; firstly, understanding what consumers want when they charge their EVs and secondly, how a select group of FRED triallists have reacted to DSR events within the trial. The Evergreen platform works with myenergi’s zappi, a smart EV charger that can also use power from people’s solar panels (if they have them) to charge the car. Zappi also lets users set up their charge how they like, for instance scheduling a charge to run at a certain time or setting the number of kWh they want delivering to the car. To find out more, click here.

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