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Reusing Waste Creatively

One person’s waste is another person’s treasure. Internationally recognised and Moseley-based Pamina Stewart, proves this to be true.

One of Pamina’s passions is to reuse items that would otherwise be thrown away, to create unique and unexpected sculptures of wit and character.

Using items, which could not be used for their original purpose by Moseley Violins, such as violins, violin cases, strings and bow hair, she has created ‘Pooka’ the hare and ‘Pookie’ a leveret which are on display in the shop window of Moseley Violins, until the end of September.

Hares are regarded by many as a sacred and mystical animal, a symbol of abundance, prosperity, good fortune and were historically often given as love tokens.

Pamina’s work is inspired by nature and the intricate relationships between creatures, humans, and the environment. She is based in Birmingham, which teems with wildlife and plant life, and believes that contact with the natural world is essential for good mental health.

Combining traditional sculptural techniques with crafting, sewing, painting and printing, this versatility forms the foundation of her artistic process.

She utilises a range of materials, including discarded and broken modern items, such as obsolete technology and food packaging as well as renewable resources such as seashells, bamboo and willow. Working with these diverse materials presents challenges that motivate her to develop innovative construction and problem solving techniques.

Moseley Violins has been located in Moseley since 2008, working hard to minimise any waste, recycling at least 80% of that created.

If you are interested in Pamina’s work, please contact:

pooka and pookie Pamina Stewart

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