RSA Climate Change and Education Grants

RSA is looking to support registered charities, community groups and community interest companies that are helping tackle climate change and environmental related issues, and further improve risk education and drive behaviour change. The programme has made £250,000 available for donation to be awarded as a number of grants. The grants will be open to organisations focussed on two key themes: tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions, and risk education and behaviour change, whilst prioritising smaller, more locally-focussed causes.

The RSA grant programme is aimed at organisations with a charitable purpose that are supportive and open to people of all backgrounds and faiths. Working with Neighbourly, RSA will award these grants to a range of worthy causes across the UK and Republic of Ireland, to ensure the funds are benefitting the local communities to which the majority of the shareholders are last known to have been based.

Apply by 9am on July 2.

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