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Scaling up climate action: country strategies and emerging investment opportunities for a green recovery

Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng spoke at the Climate Policy Initiative’s London Climate Action Week event, co-hosted with the UK and Germany.

Key points

  • “2020 has seen countries across the globe take extraordinary measures to shut down large swathes of their economies in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic”.
  • “Here in the UK, we did this on the 23rd of March whilst also launching a series of major policy initiatives to protect businesses, workers and consumers through the public health emergency.”
  • “Now, as we approach the next step in the phased reopening of our economy, and as we look to recover and rebuild, we are faced with a huge opportunity.”
  • “On Tuesday this week, the UK Prime Minister unveiled an ambitious economic strategy to usher our nation into the next stage of recovery.”
  • “A ‘New Deal’ to help build the UK economy back to health.”
  • “We all have an opportunity to create a fairer, a greener and a more resilient global economy.”
  • “In the last decade, globally we saw the cost of wind power fall by 49%, and that of solar power by 85%. Renewables are already cheaper than coal power in two-thirds of all countries in the world.”

For the full speech, click here.  

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