Scheme design for a council tax incentive scheme to drive take up of home energy efficiency measures

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Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency and amendments to the Climate Change Act have set legally binding targets for net zero carbon to be achieved by 2050

Improvements to the thermal energy efficiency and consideration of how our homes are powered will be key to achieving the net zero carbon targets.

Following a recent consultation BEIS found 30% of respondents referred to a council tax incentive to drive the take up of energy efficiency measures in the home. 88% of respondents supported an approach based on small scale pilots. This project will design a pilot that could test the feasibility of a council tax incentive scheme.
The project will identify potential options for a cost neutral incentives programme to encourage the take up of energy efficiency measure to support the aims of the Worcestershire Energy Strategy to be net zero carbon by 2040.

A smaller proportion of this work will look at the potential for business rates incentives to encourage take up of energy efficiency measures in the industrial and commercial sector and reduce energy demand and carbon emission.
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