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Showcasing good examples of council housing

As part of the Local Government Association’s council housing campaigning work, they are putting a focus on how building more council housing is vital to achieving government’s 300,000 homes a year target, and what challenges councils are facing in building more council homes. Their case studies will aim to look at how council housing is:

  • improving local residents’ health and wellbeing
  • connecting communities and cater for their needs
  • being more climate friendly
  • improving the surrounding environment
  • improving local job prospects
  • improving the local economy
  • giving people a safe, secure place to call home

As part of this work they are inviting councils to submit case studies to them about their council housing. The case studies will aim to show the best examples of council housing from across the country. They are also welcoming case studies that look at how councils are adapting their existing housing stock to meet the needs of their residents. Case studies will be hosted on their website and may be used on their social media channels and in their national media stories. For more information or to submit your case studies direct, please email ben.murray@local.gov.uk.

To submit a case study, please click here.

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