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Shropshire Council pledges £295,000 for voluntary and community groups responding to the impact of coronavirus

Shropshire Council is providing a package of financial support to community groups and voluntary organisations who are providing critical support to those impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) living here. Shropshire is fortunate to have communities that want to come together to support themselves at times like this, with local councils and councillors often playing an important role in leading and co-ordinating activity. We also have a host of voluntary and community organisations that work tirelessly with their volunteers to provide vital services to older people and vulnerable people across the county. To support this work at a time when the need for their support has never been so important, Shropshire Council will fund local community and voluntary organisation activity in the following ways –

  • £75,000 for local community groups, including community centres and village halls – to be made available in grants up to a maximum of £500.
  • £100,000 for groups and initiatives providing food and home supplies to older people and vulnerable residents.
  • £120,000 investment in our key voluntary organisations, to enable them to both deliver vital support, and provide support to our communities to do this.

The coronavirus pandemic is extremely challenging for all of us in many ways. Ensuring that our older and vulnerable residents have the support they need, whilst they are following the Government’s instruction to Stay At Home and self-isolate, is vitally important. The £295,000 funding will enable more community-delivered support to be in put place, and for the length of time it will be needed. Shropshire Council is hugely grateful to everyone who is coming forward wanting to use their time, energy and skills to support others, and also to our tremendous voluntary organisations that we rely on to continue delivering services in the most challenging of circumstances. In Shropshire we are now all strongly working together to slow the spread and reduce the impact of coronavirus, and need to continue to do this in the foreseeable future. Full article 

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