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Skills Bootcamp Net Zero Together short course from University of Birmingham

Start date: September 2023
Duration: 10 weeks
Time commitment: 6 hours per week
Mode: Online & in person
Cost: Free
Subject: Green Skills and Sustainability
Level: CPD
Credit: Non-credit

The UK Government has committed to become net zero by 2050 and businesses will need to make big changes. Skills Bootcamps are part of the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee to help everyone gain skills for life. 

This fully-funded, 10-week course from SWM members University of Birmingham has been co-designed with industry experts to demystify net zero for employees. It focuses on upskilling, so you become a champion in sustainability and net zero, identifying the levers that your industry or sector has available to support environmental improvements.

You will become a regional champion who will have a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions within the West Midlands.

The Skills Bootcamp includes live industry projects with theory-style learning and has a clear focus on how this links to the net zero agenda. Content includes:

  • Engagement to raise awareness of the benefits of the environmental opportunities identified.
  • Co-design/creation: Working collaboratively to devise and deliver solutions to support environmental objectives.
  • Training and education: Influencing behaviour to reduce waste and use resources more efficiently in the performance of the contract.
  • Partnering/collaborating in engaging with the community in relation to the performance of the contract, to support environmental objectives.
  • Volunteering opportunities for the contract workforce, e.g. undertaking activities that encourage direct positive impact.
  • Understanding of how to influence staff, suppliers, customers, communities and/or other appropriate stakeholders through the delivery of the contract to support environmental protection and improvement.

The skills you’ll gain

By the end of this 10-week Skills Bootcamp, you will be able to:

  • Develop a net zero mindset,
  • Understand sustainability and environmental issues: globally, nationally, regionally, and locally within your organisation,
  • Become the Sustainability/Net Zero Champion for your organisation,
  • Set targets to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability,
  • Create a sustainability plan for your organisation,
  • Measure progress against the sustainability targets,
  • Communicate persuasively to key stakeholders the connections between economic and environmental success,
  • Access a Sustainability Champions Network across the WMCA region to collaborate on projects and to learn more about sustainability issues and skills.

To maximise flexibility, you will mostly study online through a combination of real-time seminars and self-paced learning. This will be supplemented with three in-person workshops (week 1: orientation, week 5: case studies, week 10: wrap up and next steps) spread across the 10-week course. This flexible provision will help you balance study with other commitments (e.g., caring, work schedules etc.).

What will you receive

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of Birmingham, showcasing your accomplishment to future employers. You will benefit from a wide range of career support services like:

  • CV creation
  • Social media profile support
  • Technical interview preparation
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Soft skills training
  • Coaching from our dedicated career services team to help further your career.
Skills Bootcamp Net Zero Together short course at UoB

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