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Smart Systems and Heat Software Tool

ETI seeks partners to develop an innovative software tool to simulate future local energy systems. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners to develop a flexible software tool that will simulate the operation of future energy systems and inform the design, architecture and cost of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions necessary to enable their operation. Future energy system solutions will vary by local area depending on a number of factors including the needs of consumers in that area, including geography, population and existing assets.  There is likely to be a range of value propositions to different households, different business models throughout the energy value chain and fixed market rules. The ETI believes a software tool is required to provide confidence that the physical assets in place can be operated dynamically to deliver these value propositions, business models and market requirements.  This software tool should also be capable of undertaking outline design and costing of the enabling ICT solution to ensure the entire system is operationally and economically feasible.  It will also need to operate at local, regional and national levels and will be required to simulate real-life energy system scenarios. More information is available here.

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