SME manufacturers target low carbon markets

A large number of small to medium-sized UK manufacturing companies are targeting business within low carbon markets, according to the Manufacturing Advisory Service.

MAS has conducted a survey that found that more than half of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the UK manufacturing sector have already adopted low carbon practices, while more than 40 per cent were already targeting low carbon markets.

The findings come from MAS’ latest ‘Barometer’ research, which gauges the opinions and concerns of SME manufacturers on issues crucial to their business success. 

The results revealed 56 per cent of the manufacturers surveyed were already investing in their own low carbon processes, while another 10 per cent were planning to within the next six to 12 months and another 22 per cent were planning to in another one to three years.

Despite the tough financial lending climate, the survey found 43 per cent of SME manufacturers were already targeting business within low carbon markets, while another nine per cent expected to focus efforts in this area in the next six to 12 months, 14 per cent within one to two years and 12 per cent within two to three years. 

The MAS barometer also identified 70 per cent of firms in the UK were already manufacturing products that could potentially be supplied to the low carbon marketplace with a similar figure having a product or service that could be easily adapted.

The global low carbon products and services market is growing rapidly and was worth £3.2 trillion last year. It is projected to grow four per cent per annum over the next five years and in the UK alone has a market value of £112 billion. 

One manufacturer that has adapted its product to the low carbon markets and is already reaping the benefits is Grantham-based BGB Innovation.

“We saw the potential for our generator slip ring assemblies to supply the wind turbine industry,” commented Marketing and IT director David Holt. “As a result we have become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of these components.”

MAS, which helped BGB unlock its low carbon potential, is urging other SME manufacturers to do the same. It operates a network of experienced manufacturing advisors through its Low Carbon Opportunity Programme.

Source: Greenwise