Staffordshire County Council Sustainability professional – Job Opportunity

Salary: £13/hour (37 hour a week)
Location: 1 Staffordshire Place, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 2LP

Staffordshire County Council is seeking a passionate and enthusiastic Sustainability professional to join their multidisciplinary Waste Management and Sustainability Team.  The ideal candidate will have a strong demonstrable knowledge base and skill set in Climate Change and Sustainability, with Waste Management knowledge and experience being advantageous.  We are seeking an individual to support and assist in the development and delivery of a range of Climate Change, Sustainability and Waste Management initiatives which will contribute towards the Council’s environmental aspirations.

The individual we are seeking should have competent IT skills, and be able to manipulate and report on a variety of complex statistical data and information; be a confident communicator able to engage with key stakeholders and deal with enquiries and complaints effectively; be creative and able to contribute, research and evaluate ideas, and deliver schemes and publicity materials for stakeholders and the public which contribute towards our corporate objectives; be able to take the lead on delivering the Councils Climate Change Adaptation programme and support colleagues in delivering and monitoring our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan; and have specialist Sustainability and Climate Change knowledge which they can draw on to advise a range of internal and external services and stakeholders on all aspects of Climate Change and Sustainability.

To Apply please email for more information and how to apply