Staffordshire signs the Think Local pledge

At a recent SWM and RegenWM supported good practice event on procurement, it quickly became clear that action and a solution was needed. This led to all the Chambers and Councils within Staffordshire formally signing a pledge. This pledge is to work together to promote local business opportunities and deliver economic, social and environmental outcomes from the public sector spend in the County.

Through the Think Local initiative they already have over 23,000 local businesses registered and trading with each other, the next steps are to shift more public sector contracts on to this website. One of the ideas that struck us during the discussion was the need for public sector to copy the private sector and change their head of procurement managers to head of supply chain managers, to realise the long-term benefits from this approach.

We hope this important step forward is the start of a much clearer and more collective way of procuring in Staffordshire.