Sustainability West Midlands recommendations accepted for Regional Spatial Strategy

The ‘Examination in Public’ part of the new West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy has just been published. This includes the report of the panel accepting Sustainability West Midlands recommendations through our written and public examination. Rather than the highly technical debate around housing figures, which given the current market appear to be academic, we focused on the policies around the type and form of development. For example, we looked at the overarching Climate Change and Sustainable Construction Policies and achieved our goals. These included improving standards on existing building stock not just new build, inclusion of a water policy, a more considered approach to lower-carbon, not just renewable sources of energy on and off-site generation and the use of the sustainability planning checklist as a quality tool for larger mixed use development.

As you can see from the published panel report which you can download from this page; the majority of our recommendations were cited by the planning inspector, and included in their final recommendations.

Thank you to all our members who helped with our submission and preparation for the examination in public, and for their participation in the independent sustainability appraisal of the strategy.


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