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SustainIQ | Henry Brothers case study – Loughborough University Pavilion

From the SustainIQ website:

Henry Brothers Ltd are a leading Main Contractor operating across the United Kingdom. With strong commitments to net-zero and carbon reduction, Henry Brothers ensure every project across all sites works to eliminate carbon production where possible. This project for Loughborough University is no exception, where their implementation of SustainIQ on the project will streamline carbon data to ensure it is captured at source. Henry Brothers can use best practice adopted from our net zero carbon project to further enhance the low carbon output for the building.

Loughborough University Pavillion

Henry Brothers’ Loughborough University Pavilion 4 is an extension to the existing Pavilions with the University. The project is designed to achieve certification as a Passivhaus Classic building which stems from Loughborough University’s commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon as an organisation by 2030.

How Is SustainIQ Being Used?

SustainIQ provides Henry Brothers with full reporting across all waste management activities. Using SustainIQ, Henry Brothers produce site waste management plans, forecast waste across projects, build waste minimisation plans to share with site personnel, set targets and objectives and track progress. SustainIQ helps Henry Brothers to comply with all applicable legislation by ensuring all waste management licences, certificates and exemptions are valid, and by applying all European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes to facilitate easy input of each waste category. From project start to handover, Henry Brothers reported on:
  • Sustainable procurement of products and materials including FSC & recycled aggregates
  • Tracking sub-contractor and supplier accreditations to ensure in line with Henry Brothers Net Zero Carbon commitments
  • Calculating the impact of Social Value initiatives delivered throughout the Project
  • Measuring the environmental impact of the project including:
    • Waste management
    • Capturing and measuring Scope1, 2 and 3 emissions (Scope 3 supplier transport emissions only)
    • Supplier transport emissions calculated using SustainIQ project QR codes
    • Water usage
    • Biodiversity
Henry Brothers case page 1
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Benefits Of SustainIQ

Using insights from SustainIQ in areas such as waste management, energy, supplier transport, water usage and fuel consumption, Henry Brothers were able to change aspects of the projects’ operations or value chain, and in turn eliminate or reduce emissions to keep the project within the clients’ net zero commitment requirements. In this particular example, SustainIQ was used to:
  • Assist with monitoring, measuring and reporting the Passivhaus Contractor Requirements for the project
  • Monitor, measure and report the full ESG / sustainability performance throughout the project
  • Aid in developing carbon reduction commitments and plans using SustainIQ emissions data
  • Produce reports in real time including site waste management plans, carbon reduction plans, biodiversity logs and social value reports
  • Increase transparency of performance by providing visibility of performance data with client
  • Providing real time data for compliance and regulatory inspections
  • Measurement against project KPI’s in accordance with Company and project sustainability assessments
  • Benchmarking performance against sustainability KPIs & commitments
  • Data capture is shared across teams, with responsibilities assigned to ensure data captured at source in real-time
Henry Brothers Pavillion

Social Value, GHG Emissions and Procurement Insights in Real-Time

SustainIQ provided Henry Brothers will full sustainability & ESG reporting insights into social value, GHG emissions and procurement. As a Passivhaus Classic building, its pivotal that Henry Brothers achieve high standards in the finished build, but also in their operational performance throughout the project. To achieve the net zero carbon commitments within the contract, Henry Brothers used SustainIQ to access their data in real time to inform decision-making across the project.
Henry Brothers case page 2
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We’ll Change Your World, For Good.

SustainIQ is on a mission to change the world for good. If you are interested in learning more about this particular case, or perhaps want to read more case studies like this one, get in touch at hello@sustainiq.com, or read more at https://sustainiq.com/case-studies.
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We are very excited to be part of Loughborough University’s wider Net Zero Carbon 2030 agenda through constructing the extension of Loughborough University Sport Park Pavilion 4. The Passivhaus designed building recognises the importance of reducing carbon emissions through design. A first for Henry Brothers, we have strict quality controls and processes in place in order to achieve Passivhaus Classic standard through adherence to design requirements to achieve low energy demands. SustainIQ will be pivotal in capturing our operational carbon use for the project providing carbon data for monitoring and measuring, providing continuous improvement against our project KPI’s. – JUSTIN HICKLIN, CONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR

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