SWM and MEBC issue joint statement on the opportunities associated with sustainable development

Midlands Environmental Business Company (MEBC) and SWM are not-for-profit, independent membership organisations supporting sustainable development through networking and working across all sectors and with the region’s local authorities. SWM work towards creating a region with more low-carbon jobs, reduced levels of carbon and improved life expectancy. MEBC supports businesses to develop profitable and sustained growth by: identifying business opportunities, brokering contacts, assisting with supply chain development and promoting performance improvement.

Both MEBC and SWM present businesses with the benefits and opportunities arising from the implementation of principles that balance environmental, economic and social effects and, especially, from the transformation to a sustainable, low-carbon society.

By working together on project support for organisations across the West Midlands, MEBC and SWM hope to make the business case for the adoption of sustainable development principles irresistible for our members, stakeholders and policymakers.

By working together we aim to provide a focus for raising awareness, catalysing debate, disseminating good practice and showcasing success. We provide support across a broad range of issues from innovation in the efficient use of resources (including energy), through financing and skills, to business resilience to climate change.