SWM and partners launch new national resilient growth guide for Local Enterprise Partnerships

Rain or shine – how do you make sure your Local Enterprise Partnership investment plans produce resilient growth and a more sustainable future?

The answer is now on hand.

Responding to the growing business opportunities and risk from a changing climate and new Government and EU funding requirements, Climate UK have produce a new helpful guide or information note for LEPs.

SWM was one of the key authors, working with Climate North West and Sustainability East in drawing together the extensive good practice from the Climate UK network. The West Midlands also provided support through the  SWM and Improvement Efficiency West Midlands WM Low Carbon LEP Leadership Network,  and the previous research we did for how green is your LEP? The joint introduction is by Martin Reeves SWM Board Member and Chair of the WM Low Carbon LEP Network. The report also features many great good practice examples from SWM members.

To find out more about report, supporting material and how SWM as part of Climate UK can help your LEP implement this advice, please read on.