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SWM asks Lord Hunt for his view on where our low carbon zone is?

At a recent Business Voice meeting we asked Lord Hunt, Minister for Climate change, where was the West Midlands Low carbon economic zone and why couldn’t his department relocate some staff to the region?

His response was as follows;

‘The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, together with the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has been speaking with all of the regional development agencies over the last two months to dientify other possible low carbon economic areas. These discussions are ongoing and have included Advantage West Midlands. The Government set out in the Low Carbon Industrial Strategy the principles upon which a low carbon economic area should be based. A copy of this document can be found at: http://berr.gov.uk/files/file52002.pdf

We have no current plans to relocate any DECC staff to the West Midlands. If we have consider any such options, it would not result in a quick move. Options would have to be costed, fit within our longer term business strategy, and be subject to consultation with staff and trade unions. ‘

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