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SWM & Climate-KIC: Analysis of UK climate-related innovation networks & clusters

SWM has been commissioned by Climate-KIC UK & Ireland to undertake research and produce a briefing and report that provides an overview of innovation networks and clusters in the UK that support the transition to a low carbon and resilient economy.  This will help to inform Climate-KIC’s future strategy and recommend whether there is scope for Climate KIC to energise and support the growth of innovation activity. We are currently gathering evidence of where these networks and clusters are located, who is involved in each one and critically what their specific focus and strengths are that contribute to the transition towards a low carbon and resilient economy. If you are aware of any networks in your geographical area that come under this category, or indeed whether there are any known clusters of low carbon innovation strengths in the area please let us know by emailing alan.carr@swm.org.uk or calling 0121 237 5890. We are keen to understand:

  1. What the key strengths of the geographical area are in relation to this agenda and what is the evidence to support this?
  2. What networks convene, who is the lead, what is their purpose and which organisations are part of this network? Please provide contact details if possible.
  3. If any collaborative projects have been developed in the area that builds on the strengths of clusters/networks in the area.

Those networks/clusters that can provide a sufficient level of detail could be featured in the final report as a case study showing examples of good practice and how the network/cluster collaborates to generate strength and innovation. Please contact us with any questions on the research.

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