Our comment: SWM urges rethink on solar industry changes

Sustainability West Midlands has joined many of our members in calling for a rethink on the proposed changes to the feed-in tariff.

“We recognise that the growing solar and renewables industry is making great strides in reducing manufacturing and installation costs, and over time this will require no further Government support. However the current proposed radical changes risk damaging a still new and emerging industry, and 1000’s of jobs  in the West Midlands. ”

Dr Simon Slater, Chief Executive of SWM

Other SWM members leading the campaign to rethink the proposed changes are Caplor Energy.

“I, like so many others across the UK and indeed the globe from Al Gore to the governor of the Bank of England, and even Boris Johnson, find it bewildering that our ‘greenest government ever’ should be performing such an abrupt and decisive U-turn on the green economy.

“Our business, like so many others has strived over the years to deliver a cleaner environment and energy supply system, yet all the accumulated experience and momentum developed is at risk from this dramatic change. How can any business cope with such large and fast changes and compete on such an unlevel playing field.

“Our team is at risk, our current and future customers are missing out on opportunities and we and our children will be the biggest losers.”

Gareth Williams, managing director, Caplor Energy, SWM Board member.

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