SWM’s work on Mental Health in Climate UK E-news Dec 2016

Climate UK have released their E-news for December 2016 which rounds up the news from across the UK regarding climate change breakthroughs and set-backs.

It includes stories from the impacts of Storm Desmond in the North West, progress in tackling London’s growing problem of overheating, a new opportunity for sustainable drainage in Northern Ireland, a new ‘Climate Ready Clyde’ learning programme in Glasgow, a huge new community solar farm in Nottinghamshire, and our Mental Health and Sustainability Conference which occurred in Birmingham in October hosted with Public Health England.

It is really important to understand how sustainability and mental health agendas overlap and to share examples of good practices to inspire others to make changes that benefit both the environment and the health of our society. For many people this is a fairly new insight into sustainable practices and so needs to be continued to be communicated across the UK.