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Take Part in a Survey by The Midlands Engine

The Midlands Engine have created a survey aimed at businesses, to investigate the potential for a regional ‘Green Bond’.

The Midlands Engine is investigating the potential for a regional ‘Green Bond’ that could provide cost effective finance for businesses’ capital expenditure on new, greener equipment and facilities through favourable long-term loans that suit both the long-term nature of the assets and the long lead times for those assets to generate a return on investment.

As part of an ongoing feasibility study into the proposal it is critical to understand private sector interest in this opportunity, which will be used to confirm demand, and then design the required delivery mechanism.

For the purposes of the survey, “green” includes all capital expenditure that improves the environment or reduces environmental harm including:

  • Lower carbon emissions.
  • Reduced energy use or improved energy efficiency.
  • Green energy.
  • Increased recycling.
  • Improved treatment of wastewater.
  • Mitigating the impact of climate change.
  • Improved biodiversity.
  • Lower emissions of pollutants.
  • Reduced use of hydrocarbons.

Where possible, the survey includes terminology that will be understood by all businesses, so please interpret as you feel fit e.g. for larger business with bonds outstanding, please treat these as synonymous with loans.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact info@midlandsengine.org.

Would a greenbond help your business achieve its sustainability goals?

Please submit your completed form by 23 February 2024.

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Complete the Survey by 23 February

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