Taxing Red Meat Could Save Lives, Say Experts

Experts have suggested that a tax on red meat, especially processed meats could save lives and help to offset the healthcare costs associated with them. These measures could save many lives. The World Health Organisation says that Red Meat is Carcinogenic and much more of an issue in developed countries as these are more likely to eat red meat. This includes pork, beef, and lamb in all formats including steak, roast, bacon, burgers, and sausages.

This would be in line with existing taxes on items the Government considers to be particularly harmful and having an effect on the health service such as tobacco and sugary drinks. Some individuals believe it is not the place of Government to use taxation to influence and tell us what we should and shouldn’t consume whereas others believe that measures such as taxation are essential for changing consumer behaviour and ultimately saving lives. A reduction in consumption of meat would also l

You can read the full article from the Guardian here.