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The Fitness Equipment That Turns Human Effort Into Electricity!

Imagine if the energy produced during a cardio workout could be harnessed to reduce a gym’s overall electricity consumption? That concept is now a reality as SWM member SportsArt, the green fitness company, launches its innovative new ECO-POWR range of sustainable fitness equipment into the UK and Europe, including “Verde” – the world’s first energy-producing treadmill. ECO-POWR products harness up to 74% of the kinetic energy produced during a workout, converting it into electricity that can be pumped back into the local grid, offsetting a significant portion of a gym’s energy consumption. A single workout on an ECO-POWR machine can produce up to 200 watts per hour of electricity and a full “green circuit” of equipment could generate 2000 watts per hour – the equivalent of running a washing machine for six hours. This is good news for gym owners looking to reduce their electricity bills, and should also help them to attract new members, with studies showing that two-thirds of people (and 73% of ‘millennials’) prefer to buy from sustainable brands. The first products of their kind to be launched in the UK, ECO-POWR equipment is already being used at Eco Gym in Brighton and is expected to start appearing at gyms and health clubs around the country in 2019. The new ECO-POWR range consists of six individual pieces of equipment:

  • “Verde” Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Upright Cycle
  • Recumbent Cycle
  • Indoor Cycle
  • “Verso” – Cross Trainer

All pieces in the range can be connected to create a “green circuit” within any existing facility, with wifi connectivity that allows the user to track their own workout and the energy they’ve  generated through the free SA WELL+ app. Roger Eldergill, UK Country Manager at SportsArt, commented: “We’re excited to be bringing this genuinely innovative range of fitness equipment to the UK market. We believe that ECO-POWR can be transformative for members in making their workouts more sustainable and for fitness centres through helping to achieve their sustainability goals and reducing energy costs.” For more information, visit the website  or contact SportsArt UK on 01509 274440 or ukinfo@gosportsart.com.

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