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The Roadmap to Sustainability in FM

Andrew Pollard, Chair of Sustainability West Midlands, was interviewed by myfm earlier this year.

Andrew joined the Board of SWM as a Non-Executive Director and Chair in November 2020.

Due to his level of expertise in the FM industry, myfm held an inspiring Q&A call, to hear what he had to say on the topic of sustainability in relation to FM.

During the interview, Andrew spoke to Holly Lochinger, Head of Business Development and Marketing at myfm.

They discussed SWM in detail, including the various aspects that our members are engaged in, down to how technology is going to play a major part in terms of FM businesses.

Andrew Pollard said “Whether you’re directly interested in sustainability or not, everyone has a stake in this because everybody has a stake in the world”.

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Read the full interview here

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